Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For as long as it takes for the message to sink in.

I do write often, and some days ago I had a bad dream that really upset my pen. So in spite of suffering from lack of useful tools to write with, I turned on my computer. And this is what I had on my mind at that moment.

"Speak with your mouth, act with your brain - but think with your heart before you act. Otherwise you will end up looking like a drunken fool sticking your head out from some random persons’ bedroom that is not yours. And everyone will laugh at you because they will know before even talking to you that you think and act like a douche that only obeys your cravings, and when you speak - you speak with your ass.

And that’s how I define 'bullshit'."

- (this is something I wrote after a bad dream)

MUSIC: Volbeat : Being 1
QUOTE OF TODAY: Learn to respect/love your enemies.

1 comment:

Richard said...

Låter sunt :) Synd bara att folk inte vågar snacka om vad som helst när som helst. Det är då man får kall prata som t.ex. på jobbet. Dessa personer kan inte heller förstå sig på en själv när man spinner loss om allt möjligt ibland. But I think it´s the way it goes

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