Did you find my book?

When I was younger I watched the news and heard the story of the teddy bear "Jalle" left on a train. A school class left it there as a project over the summer. They put a backpack on the teddy and left it with a note which told the finder to take a picture, write something or put a postcard in the backpack, so that the school children could learn about the places the bear had been to.

Read the old news here about the teddy bear (swedish)

September 7th 2014
I left my book on a train from Gothenburg to Stockholm. I want anyone who finds it to do practically the same as above. Personally I wish to visit 100s of places around the globe, but I fear I'll never ever be able to afford such journey. I hope my book will. THIS WILL ONLY BE POSSIBLE BY YOUR HELP! ;)

I'm so happy you found it! If you understand Swedish, read it if you like. If not, just write something to me on a postcard or whatever you like and place it in the book as a bookmark. Leave it to someone else when you're out and about or on a trip to a different country.

If you also want to share your story with me: #bookroundtheworld on instagram or write a comment in my blog. This way, I'll be able to follow its journey. Thank you so much!

And one more thing: I want it back in 2016-2017.

Love, Elenor

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